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For close on 30 years CBC Fasteners (Pty) Ltd has and continues to be a proud supplier to the length and breadth of industrial activity in South Africa and beyond our borders. We continue to specialize in standard fasteners and on the occasion, where the volume warrants, are proud to assist our customers with the manufacture of specialized fasteners.  


We remain loyal to the wholesale/distributor network that have come to rely on CBC Fasteners (Pty) Ltd for our loyalty, reliability, quality of service and commitment to their businesses.  In a commodity market under continued attack from cheap imports CBC Fasteners (Pty) Ltd has been steadfast to ensure responsible, locally produced products utilizing local labour as well as local materials and retains a proudly South African flavour and commitment to excellence in all areas of manufacture and distribution.




CBC’s distribution consists of a central bulk 7, 000m² warehouse situated in Krugersdorp with an advanced computer system to facilitate picking, packing and expediting across our 3, 500 product line items, as well as satellite distribution centres in Durban and Jet Park, east of Johannesburg. CBC’s success has been based on its consistent ability to manufacture high-quality products and in maintaining excellent availability to its customers.  



Hexagon Bolts

DIN 931 – Class 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9

ISO 4014 – Class 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9

DIN 601– Class 4.8 / 5.6


Hexagon Set Screws

DIN 933 – Class 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9

ISO 4017 – Class 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9

DIN 558 – Class 4.8


EN 14399-3 - HR Specification

EN 14399-4 - HR Specification



DIN 934 - Grade 8 / 10

ISO 4032 - Grade 8 / 10

SABS 1143              

DIN 603 - Cup Square Bolts

DIN 604 - Square Neck Bolts

Fish Bolts – Cup Oval

Counter Sunk Nib Bolts



CBC also has a state of the art tool room with CAD and CAM driven technology interfacing with CNC machines, wire cutters & spark eroders and sophisticated die making equipment producing quality tools and machine parts primarily for our own internal use but now also proudly servicing a range of industries who require high end precision tooling. 


Enterprise Tool & Die has been in the manufacturing and precision engineering industry since 1990.  CBC Fasteners (Pty) Ltd bought the business in 2003 and Enterprise Tool & Die relocated to Factoria in Krugersdorp on the CBC premises.


Enterprise specializes in manufacturing high performance stamping tooling from various tool steel and tungsten carbide mainly for the fastener industry. The business also manufacturers spare parts for repairs and maintenance on industrial equipment.



CBC is proud of our long standing association with ArcelorMittal South Africa; AMSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of ArcelorMittal International which is the world´s leading steel company, with over 232,000 employees in more than 60 countries, and annual steel capacity production of 119 million tons, representing around 6 per cent of world steel output.


ArcelorMittal is the industry leader, manufacturing steel that meets high quality standards in all major global steel markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances, packaging and rails, with leading R&D and technology. Captive supplies of raw materials (Iron-Ore etc) and well positioned distribution networks. With an industrial presence in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, the Company covers all of the key steel markets, from emerging to mature.  


The reliance which CBC places on ArcelorMittal South Africa for our raw material has forged deep bonds between us and ArcelorMittal as our leading supplier. 



To achieve the high quality that customers demand, we apply the latest technology and use modern state-of-the-art equipment available from the market leaders.  The best quality standards are applied and maintained through every stage of the production process. High calibre, well-qualified personnel are employed across all areas of our enterprise to ensure customer satisfaction and stakeholder benefits from specialist expertise. Although at CBC quality is everyone’s business!


Our well provisioned Quality Laboratory, is manned by professionals, who are encouraged to retain their independence, guaranteeing our robust quality  procedures and processes  are continuously adhered to.

CBC Fasteners
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